Meet the Developers

Dr. Jon Roberts

Dr Jon RobertsDr. Jon Roberts had a personal reason for inventing ViraShield. Dr. Roberts was constantly getting sick from the germs his son brought home from his elementary school which was equipped with computer classrooms. His illnesses lasted longer and were more frequent than ever before, and he knew that there must be a direct relationship between this and the germs from the school. Through research he discovered that the bacteria and viruses that are living on shared keyboards can trigger an alarming range of illnesses, cause thousands of lost days from work and school, and cost millions of dollars in medical care.

Dr. Roberts is an inventor, patent attorney, engineer, former research director for the US Government, pilot, and entrepreneur. His background in science, technology and other related disciplines led him to a fascination and expertise with light, sensors and electromagnetic spectrums. The ViraShield is a result of these passions and interests—it’s a product that utilizes ultraviolet light to eliminate 99.9% of the germs on the objects we use daily. And although he holds and has licensed more than 30 patents in the United States and abroad for his own inventions, he is most excited about ViraShield and its ability to help people live healthier lives.

Dr. Donald S. Hetzel

Dr Donald HetzelDr. Donald Hetzel has spent much of his career as a researcher and developer in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. His scientific research has lead to significant advances in medical products including orthopedic implants, diagnostic kits for infectious disease, pregnancy tests, technology for amplifying DNA, the “electronic nose” which helps diagnose infection and disease and many more. As the CEO and President of Virwall Systems, Inc., Dr. Hetzel brings his years of experience and scientific knowledge to the creation of ViraShield. Through his work, he came to realize the threat of live viruses, infections, and bacteria that thrive on computer keyboards and other devices, which is especially bad in a shared environment. Studying how these microorganisms can hitchhike, be passed from hands to object, from objects to hands, and so on, Dr. Hetzel knew there had to be a solution to stop the cycle. Armed with this knowledge and his medical background, Dr. Hetzel worked closely with Dr. Roberts on Virwall’s first product, ViraShield.