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About Virwall Technology

ViraShield - Clean a  Keyboard

ViraShield uses ultraviolet technology to safely and effectively eradicate the germs that are living on many of the surfaces in offices, homes, schools and public facilities.

It delivers a powerful germicidal 254 nm UV light within the confines of a shield that fits like a lid over a standard computer keyboard, several mobile phones at a time, remote controls, hand-held devices and other portable items that most of us use everyday.
ViraShield’s UV light is able to kill 99.9% of the germs that are normally spread rapidly in settings where shared-workspaces exist, including hospitals, diagnostic centers, libraries, schools and more. While the UV technology is strong, it is environmentally safe, and easier, faster and more efficient than wipes, sprays and other forms of sanitizing that involve the use of harsh chemicals.