Who benefits from Virwall Science?

virashield covering computer keyboard at desk

Who benefits from ViraShield? Simply put: everyone. ViraShield was designed to eliminate the germs that live on the devices we use everyday, such as computer keyboards, cell phones, MP3 players, hand-held devices, and even the TV remote. Although theses surfaces may be visibly clean—odds are they aren’t if they haven’t been sanitized with ViraShield. Traditional cleaning is just not enough and cannot begin to cleanse inside all the nooks and crannies of items like computer keyboards. Hospitals, offices, large corporations, schools, computer labs, families and anywhere that people are using and sharing portable devices reap the benefits of ViraShield. ViraShield breaks the cycle of the harmful bacteria that gets passed from person to object, object to person, and so on.

With ViraShield, disease-causing germs and highly contagious contaminants are eliminated instantly—without wiping, harsh chemicals, or sprays. Utilizing environmentally friendly ultra violet light, ViraShield stops the hitchhiking of live viruses. There’s nothing more cost effective, safe, quick and easy. It’s time to start living a healthier life with ViraShield.